Distilled Fatty Acid

Used in the production of toilet, liquid & transparent soaps alkyd resins for paints.
  • Raw material in making EBS, PVC stabilizer and metallic soaps.
  • Lubricant in providing good polymer flow in the plastic compounding and extrusion.
  • Oil base in cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals use.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.
  • List itemDistilled Coconut Fatty Acid K8-18 MY
  • Stripped Coconut Fatty Acid K12-18 MY
  • Hydrogenated Coconut Fatty Acid HK8-18 MY
  • Stripped Hydrogenated Coconut Fatty Acid HK12-18
  • Stripped Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Fatty Acid HPK12-18
  • Distilled Palm Kernel Fatty Acid PK8-18 MY
  • Stripped Palm Kernel Fatty Acid PK12-18 MY
  • List itemPalm Stearine Fatty Acid
  • Hydrogenated Palm Stearine Fatty Acid
  • Palm Oil Fatty Acid
  • Hydrogenated Palm Oil Fatty Acid
Application Uses
  • Produce crayons and candles due to good colour stability, low shrinkage.
  • Buffing compounds to pOILSh chrome and nickel parts, pure or after plating.
  • Producing food esters and compounding shortenings.
  • Its auxiliary form is used as fabric softener snf formulation of textile dyes.
  • Provides water repellency on glossy paper.
  • Calcium and sodium type of greases.

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