Palm Wax

  • This Palm Wax is utilized where odor, and Color stability is not primary importance
  • Palm Wax when used as it is, give supper crystalline or marble effect to candle. However, users should take extra care during cooling as Palm Wax tend to be more sticky rather slightly more difficult to remove the mould, if used.
  • When melting Palm Wax it is recommended to first heat the palm wax separately to a heating temperature of 65°C to clear liquid followed by adding the already melted paraffin. C. Stir the mixture homogeneously and heat it to a final temperature of about 80°C. D. Pour the mixture hot into the moulds to obtain a smooth candle surface on de molding. E. The pouring temperature to be determined depending on the types of moulds used.
  • Palm Wax blends well with other vegetable and paraffin waxes. When blended with paraffin Wax, it can used up to 100% especially for container filled candles and molded pillar candles.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.
  • PALM WAX 1400
  • List itemPALM WAX 1505
  • PALM WAX 1508
  • PALM WAX 1705
Applicatiton Uses
  • Widely used in manufacture of Candle, Rubber, Buffing compounds and greases etc.

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