Timur Oleochemicals supply Refined Glycerine produce by splitting the natural palm oil, palm kernel oil and refined coconut oil, Refined Glycerine with standards USP (United States Pharmacopeia), & EP (European Pharmacopeia) as well certified with HACCP, Kosher Halal and GMP Certification

  • Refined Glycerine widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, paints, textiles, cosmetics, daily chemicals etc.
  • This product is vegetable origin and Kosher certified.


  • Refined Glycerine 99.7% Min USP/BP
  • Crude Glycerine 80% Min
Chemical Identification1,2,3 Propanetriol (Trihydroxypropane)
INCI Name / OriginGlycerine 99.7% Min USP / Vegetable Origin
Molecular FormulaC3H8O3
CAS No.56-81-5
EINESCS No.200-289-5

Pharmaceutical & Drug

  • Used in medical and pharmaceutical preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, provide lubrication and humectants
  • Suppositories, cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants

Personal Care & Cosmetics

  • Serves as an emollient, humectants, solvent, and lubricant in personal care products.
  • Competes with sorbitol although glycerol has better taste and higher solubility.
  • Toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products and soaps.

Food and Beverages

  • Serves as humectant, solvent and sweetener, may help preserve foods
  • Solvent for flavours and food colouring
  • Humectant and softening agent in candy, cakes and casings for meats and cheeses
  • Manufacture of mono- and di-glycerides for use as emulsifiers
  • Used in manufacture of polyglycerol esters going into shortenings and margarine
  • Used as filler in low-fat food products (i.e., cookies)

Alkyed Resins ( Plastics ) and Cellophane

  • Used in surface coatings and paints
  • Used as a softener and plasticizer to impart flexibility, pliability and toughness
  • Uses include meat casings, collagen casings (medical applications)and nonmeat packaging
  • Plasticizer in cellophane.


  • Used in the production of TNT (trinitroglycerine)
  • Glyceryl triacetate is a component in binders in the production of solid fuel rockets

Polyether Polyols

  • One of the major raw materials for the manufacture of polios for flexible foams, and to a lesser extent rigid polyurethane foams
  • Glycerol is the initiator to which propylene oxide/ethylene oxide is added


  • Manufacture of paper as a plasticizer, humectants and lubricant
  • Humectants for pet foods to retain moisture and enhance palatability
  • Used in lubricating, sizing and softening of yarn and fabric
  • Used in de-/anti-icing fluids
  • Patent applications have been filed for detergent softeners and surfactants based on glycerine (i.e., Alkyl Glyceryl Ethers) instead of quaternary ammonium compounds