Soap Noodles

Soap Noodles vegetable origin derived from RBD Palm Oil and RBD Palm Kernel oil and Coconut Oil with required composition blend for soap making.Toilet Soap Noodles is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.


Origin Vegetable Origin
Molecular Formula C3H8O3
CAS No. 57-11-4
EINESCS No. 200-313-4
H.S Code 3401.20.000
Physical Appearance Snow White Noodles.

Fatty Acid Neutralization Based Soap Noodles

Our fatty acids are freshly produced and transfer directly from our adjacent Oleochemical plant. This also gives us the flexibility of choosing various blends of high quality fatty acids for different soap blends. Our range of raw material compositions consist of high-grade partially hydrogenated fatty acids for high premium cosmetic soap bars to the universal standard 80/20 blend materials for the common soap bars production

Advantages of Palm Oil

  • Good Detergency Of Soap
  • Produce a high quality white Soap
  • Gives a consistent composition
  • Convenient in soap manufacture
  • Reliable Supply
  • Uses a Well-established and cleaner technology for production
  • Good Biodegradation Characteristics
  • Palm based soap biodegrade 84% in 1 day, while alkyl benzene sulfonates (LAS from Petroleum based surfactant) biodegrade only 43% in 5 days,

  • Natural
  • Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil based raw material are of vegetable origin, which are renewable resources,

  • Acceptable To All Religions
  • Soap Noodles are made from Palm Oil and Palm Kernel oil which Vegetable origin, and approved and acceptable for use by most religious quarters. The soap material complies with Halal requirements.

    Vegetable soap noodles are based on palm and palm kernel oil coming from oil palms.  This plant, which is cultivated in plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Application Uses

Made From Refined Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil And Coconut Oil

Timur Network Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of soap noodles which are used as the base for the production of soap-bars. All the products in this range are 100% vegetable-based and the toilet soap noodles are made exclusively from top-grade refined fatty acids whereas the multi-purpose soap noodles are made by the oil saponification route.

Soap Noodles – End Use Applications

Timur Oleo also offers soap noodles for specialized applications. These include trans-lucent soap noodles, soap noodles 80:20 Snow White & Natural White as well as soap noodles containing a high percentage of glycerine.

Timur Oleochemicals experience, state-of-the-art production and refining technologies make it possible to manufacture soap noodles tailor-made to customer needs.