Refined Glycerine 99.7% USP

From Natural Tropical Palm

Refined Glycerine is colourless and odorless, sweet-tasting viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic. It has well solublizer, plasticizer, moisturizing and preserving agent.

  • Refined Glycerine widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, paints, textiles, cosmetics, daily chemicals etc.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.


Chemical Identification 1,2,3 Propanetriol (Trihydroxypropane)
INCI Name / Origin Glycerine 99.7% Min USP / Vegetable Origin
Molecular Formula C3H8O3
CAS No. 56-81-5
EINESCS No. 200-289-5
H.S Code 29054500
Physical Appearance Clear, Colorless liquid


REFINED GLYCERINE  99.7% USP  [ Complies with USP - United States Pharmacopeias ]
Parameter Method Specified Range Typical values
Glycerine Content APAG-GL-009 99.7 % min 99.8 %
Relative Density [ Gravity ] 20/20”C ISO 2099 1.2623 min 1.2635
Characters Monograph Test Clear and Colourless Clear and Colourless
Refractive Index n20D APAG-GL-006 1.4731 min 1.4737
Color  APHA ASTM  D1209 10 max 5
Fatty Acids & Ester ( Ml 0.2N NaOH/50) USP XXIII 1.0 Max 0.36
Sulphated ash { % }2 USP XXIII 0.01 max 0.004
Residue On Ignition USP XXIII 0.01 max <0.01
Chlorides  { ppm as CI } 2 USP XXIII 10 max < 10
Heavy Metals { ppm as Pb } 2 USP XXIII 5 max < 5 ppm
Chlorinated Compounds’ ppm CI USP XXIII 30 Max < 30
Arsenic ppm USP XXIII 1.5 Max < 1.5
Sulphate ppm USP XXIII 20 Max < 20
Identification A  By IR   Pass Test As Glycerine Pass Test As Glycerine
Identification B  By GC   Pass Test As Glycerine Pass Test AS Glycerine
Appearance Of Solution 2.2.1 PH.EUR Meet Test Meet Test
Diethylene Glycol DEG& Related compound 2.2.28  PH.EUR 0.1 Max <0.1
Water  % 2.5.12  PH.EUR 0.5 Max 0.20
Halogenated Compounds   ppm 2008:0497  PH.EUR 35 ppm Max <35 ppm
Assay ( % Glycerine on anhydrous Basis)   99.7 % Min 99.8 %
Acidity/Alkalinity [ml] 2008:0496  PH.EUR 0.2 Max <0.1
Sugar APAG-GL-014-1988 Negative Negative
Additional Parameter E422 Specification Standard Typical
Butantiriol % E422 has similar requirement =<0.2%
Acrolein,Glucose and Amonium compounds E422 has similar requirement Confirm
Fatty acid and esters%(m/m)(in terms of Butriric acid) FCC & E422 have similar requirement. FA+E as butyric acid 0.03 to 0.05%
Pb Analysis <2ppm   Not detected(0.02ppm)
Hg Analysis <1ppm   Not detected(<0.02ppm)
Cd Analysis <1ppm   Not Detected(<0.02ppm)
Yeast & mould (cfu/ml)     not detected <10
Total aerobic count (cfu/ml)     not detected <10
S. Aureus (cfu/ml)     not detected
Gram negative bacilli (cfu/ml)     Not detected
E. Coli (MPN/ml)     not detected <3
Salmonella spp (per 25 ml)      

Refined Glycerine From Natural Tropical Palm Oil

Timur Oleochemicals supply Refined Glycerine produce by splitting the natural palm oil, palm kernel oil and refined coconut oil, Refined Glycerine with standards USP (United States Pharmacopeia), & EP (European Pharmacopeia) as well certified with HACCP, Kosher Halal and GMP Certification.

Pharmaceutical & Drug
  • Used in medical and pharmaceutical preparations, mainly as a means of improving smoothness, provide lubrication and humectants
  • Suppositories, cough syrups, elixirs and expectorants
Personal Care & Cosmetics
  • Serves as an emollient, humectants, solvent, and lubricant in personal care products.
  • Competes with sorbitol although glycerol has better taste and higher solubility.
  • Toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products and soaps.
Food and Beverages
  • Serves as humectant, solvent and sweetener, may help preserve foods
  • Solvent for flavours and food colouring
  • Humectant and softening agent in candy, cakes and casings for meats and cheeses
  • Manufacture of mono- and di-glycerides for use as emulsifiers
  • Used in manufacture of polyglycerol esters going into shortenings and margarine
  • Used as filler in low-fat food products (i.e., cookies)
Polyether Polyols
  • One of the major raw materials for the manufacture of polios for flexible foams, and to a lesser extent rigid polyurethane foams
  • Glycerol is the initiator to which propylene oxide/ethylene oxide is added
Alkyed Resins ( Plastics ) and Cellophane
  • Used in surface coatings and paints
  • Used as a softener and plasticizer to impart flexibility, pliability and toughness
  • Uses include meat casings, collagen casings (medical applications)and nonmeat packaging
  • Plasticizer in cellophane.
  • Used in the production of TNT (trinitroglycerine)
  • Glyceryl triacetate is a component in binders in the production of solid fuel rockets
  • Manufacture of paper as a plasticizer, humectants and lubricant
  • Humectants for pet foods to retain moisture and enhance palatability
  • Used in lubricating, sizing and softening of yarn and fabric
  • Used in de-/anti-icing fluids
  • Patent applications have been filed for detergent softeners and surfactants based on glycerine (i.e., alkyl
    glyceryl ethers) instead of quaternary ammonium compounds

Refined Glycerine 99.7% USP

  • Packing : 1 unit 20 FT Container
  • Country Of Origin : Malaysia
  • Loading Port : Malaysia 
  • Packing : 250 Kg. net. * 80 New Steel / HDPE Drum = 20 MT Per 20 FT
  • Packing : 1250 Kg X 16 Brand New IBC Tank 20 MT Per 20 FT FCL
  • Packing : BULK - ISO TANK = 18 MT Per 20 FT ISO Container Load
  • Packing : BULK - FLEXI TANK = 20 MT Per 20 FT ISO Container Load
  • Stored in Sealed Containers in a cool and dry Place is stable for at least 1 Year.
  • ► This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.