Crude Glycerine 80% Min

About Crude Glycerine

Crude glycerol is a low-value byproduct which is primarily obtained from the splitting oil in oleochemicals plant also in from biodiesel production process. Its composition is significantly different from that of pure glycerol. Crude glycerol usually contains various impurities, such as water, methanol, soap, fatty acids, and fatty acid methyl esters.


INCI Name / Origin Crude Glycerine /Vegetable Origin
H.S Code 15.20.0000
Physical Appearance Liquid (Viscous syrupy liquid)


REFINED GLYCERINE  99.5%  USP  [ Complies with USP - United States Pharmacopeias ]
Parameter Method Specified Range Typical values
GLYCEROL CONTENT, % AOCS Te 1a-64 80 % MIN 86.4%
MONG % Max AOCS Tg 1a-64 3.0 MAX 0.52
ASH % Furnace 7% MAX 6.1%
METHANOL, % GC 1.5 % MAX 0.01
SALT AOCS Cc 13e-92 8.0 % MAX 5.6 %
This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.
  • Packing: 250 Kg. Net in Steel / HDPE drums or Bulk in Flexi Tank container 20MT per 20ft FCL.
  • Storage: Product stored in lined steel drum at ambient temperature is stable for min 2 years.
  • Country of Origin: Malaysia. Ex. Port Klang.
Crude Glycerine 80% Min
  • Value-added uses for crude glycerol
  • Crude Glycerol is a major byproduct in the biodiesel manufacturing process.
  • In general, for every 100 pounds of biodiesel produced, approximately 10 pounds of crude glycerol are created.
  • As this product further fine refined and purify for use in the food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics industries,
  • Utilization of crude glycerol including combustion, composting, anaerobic digestion, animal feeds, and thermochemical/biological conversions to value-added products.
  • converting crude glycerol into high-value products, such as biofuels, chemicals, polymers, and animal feed, to improve the economic viability of the biodiesel industry and overcome environmental challenges associated with crude glycerol disposal.
  • It is used for Soap Manufacturing.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified. 

Crude Glycerine 80% Min

  • Packing : 1 unit 20 FT Container
  • Country Of Origin : Malaysia
  • Loading Port : Malaysia 
  • Packing : 250 Kg. net. * 80 New Steel / HDPE Drum = 20 MT Per 20 FT
  • Packing : 1250 Kg X 16 Brand New IBC Tank 20 MT Per 20 FT FCL
  • Packing : BULK - ISO TANK = 18 MT Per 20 FT ISO Container Load
  • Packing : BULK - FLEXI TANK = 20 MT Per 20 FT ISO Container Load
  • Stored in Sealed Containers in a cool and dry Place is stable for at least 1 Year.
  • ► This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.