Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide - CDE 85

Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide - CDE 85

Cocamide DEA, or cocamide diethanolamine, is a diethanolamide made by reacting the mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with diethanolamine. It is a viscous liquid and is used as a foaming agent in bath products like shampoos and hand soaps, and in cosmetics as an emulsifying agent.

Product Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide - CDE 85
INCI Name / Origin Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanolamide / Vegetable Origin
CAS No. 68603-42-9
EINESCS No. 271-657-0
H.S Code 3824.90.900
Physical Appearance Yellowish Liquid


Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide - CDE 85
Parameter Method Specification Typical value
Physical Appearance Visual Light yellowish liquid. Light yellowish liquid.
Total Amide Content. % By Calculation [100-FFA-F.Amine-Ester-water-Glycerine] 85.0 Min 87.1
Free Amine ( % DEA ) In-hse HOM CS 03:1994 5.0 % Max. 4.08
Glycerol. % DGF  E-III 3A-55 10.0% Max 8.0 %
Colour APHA ASTM D1209-1988 300.0 Max 210.0
pH – Value [ 2% Solution ] ISO 4316 - 1997 9.0 – 11.0 9.7 %
% Ester By FTR   0.65
Free Fatty Acid % AOCS Ca 5a-40 : 1997 0.5 % Max. 0.06
Water ( Karl Fischer ) % ISO 760 ( Part 7 ) : 1978 0.5 % Max. 0.04
Packing : 200 Kg.Net in HDPE drums or Bulk in ISO Tank container.



  • A pale yellow viscous transport liquid suitable as a foam stabilizer and thickening
  • It contains over 83% active matters and enhances the total detergency when used with other surfactants.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.
  • Wide used in liquid detergents, ,house hold , personal care, foam booster, foam stabilizer, viscosity booster, shampoo and bath formula , and softener for skin and hair.
  • Also used in Hair shampoos, Bubble bath, foam bath, Liquid soap and detergent.


  • Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanolamide is an easily processible liquid alkanolamide having faint odour,
  • It allows considerable improvements to many properties of active substance in washing.
  • CDE is an additive, a conditioner , a solubilizer, an emulsifier and a viscosity-adjusting product for active substance in washing application / preparation.
  • CDE is doluble or miscible in fatty oils and fatty esters ( Cosmetic Oil components ) depending on the type of oils and the amount of the CDE type used, A particular characteristic of CDE is its ability to increase the viscosity in the formulation of surfactant. This especially so in combination with fatty alcohol ether sulphates. Often a very small addition of CDE will suffice in improving the thickening effect by common salt.
  • Improving the washing and cleansing actions or properties.
  • Incresing the solubility of oily components and perfumed bath preparations in surfactant solution.
  • Increasing the resistance of emulsion
  • Improving the effects in skin feel or hair feel.


Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide has numerous field of application, mainly because of its special characteristics, following are examples where it can be used as quality – improving additives in formulation.

  • Shampoos
  • Cosmetics bathing prepartion.
  • Pasty and liquid hand and skin preparations.
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Industrial and Household products.

 In the above preparation CDE is used between 1 - 5%, in relation to the final products. For special cases. CDE can also be used in larger amount.

Storage :

  • PACKING : 1 unit 20 FT Container
  • Country Of Origin : Malaysia
  • Loading Port : Malaysia  
  • Packing:  200 Kg. net. X 80 New Steel Drum = 16 MT Per 20 FT Full Container Load.

In sealed original containers and kept at temperature not exceeding 50°C  as with all DEA amides, if overheating does occur amide ester will be formed To reverse the reaction CDE should be stored at room temperature ,failure to do so may result in formulation product with decreased foam and low viscosity.

Coconut Fatty Acid Diethnolamide is most widely used in personal and home care products as a foaming and cleaning agent.