Cocoamide Propyl Betaine - CAPB 30

  • Cocamido propyl betaine CAPB 30 is a detergent and surfactant that is used in personal care products, cosmetics and cleaning product
  • It is used to reduce static, condition the skin & hair, increase the foaming action of certain cleansing and cleaning products, and moderate the viscosity of liquids
  • Cocamido propyl betaine is a mixture of closely related organic compounds derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine.
PRODUCT Cocoamide Propyl Betaine - CAPB 30
INCI Name / Origin Cocoamide Propyl Betaine - 30 / Vegetable Origin
CAS No. 61789-40-0
H.S Code 340.21.9000
Physical Appearance Low Viscous and Clear Liquid / Light yellow
Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 is a RBD palm oil based biodegradable amphoteric surfactant with Betaine structure


Cocoamide Propyl Betaine – CAPB 30
Parameter Method Specification Typical value
Physical Appearance Visual Low Viscous and Clear Liquid Low Viscous and Clear Liquid.
Colour (Pt-Co. unit ) ASTM  D1209-1988 Light yellow, 350 Pt-Co Unit Max. Light yellow, 350 Pt-Co Unit Max.
Odour Smell No Odour No Odour
Betaine Content   29 - 33% Min  
Salt Content DGF H-III 8a 6.5% Max  
Moisture Content ISO 4317-1991 64% Max  
Dry Content ISO 4317-1991 36 – 39%  
pH ( direct, T=25 C ISO 4316 - 1997 5.0 – 8.0  
Packing : 200 Kg.Net in HDPE drums or Bulk in ISO Tank container.


  • As an amphoteric surfactant, Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 is compatible with anionic and cationic surfactants. It is particularly very suitable for mild (skin friendly) preparations such as shampoos, liquid soaps, dishwashing detergents, make up removers, in- bath products etc.
  • Good foaming properties of Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 give fine and stable foam.
  • Dosage ratio will give effect on the thickness of material where gel structure also can be achieved. A dosage between 5-10% is sufficient for normal shampoo formulae in order to obtain a good thickening effect. It is recommended to combine Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 with Matrix’s Coco Diethanolamine (CDE) in order to get maximum thickening effect.
  • Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 has substantively to the hair to provide soft touch and anti-static effect.
  • Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 has a mild germicidal effect. Its combination with quaternary ammonium compounds provides better germicidal effect in the manufacture of personal hygiene products. When Cocoamide Propyl Betaine -30 combined with other anionic surfactants, synergetic effect can be observed with regard to the skin compatibility
Cocoamide Propyl Betaine- CAPB 30 – Industry Application
Industry Application
Toiletries, Shampoo Anti-static agent & foam booster
Liquid Soap & Liquid Detergent Skin protection
Cosmetics Skin protection
Construction Viscosity modifier
  • COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE is most widely used in personal and home care products as a foaming and cleaning agent.
  • COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE is generally used as a foam booster and viscosity builder for soapy materials.
  • It is a non-ionic surfactant with excellent cleansing property and solvency.
  • COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE builds up the viscosity when it combined with Fatty Alcohol Sulfates and Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfates.
  • COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE reduces the static charge build-up on hair to prevent the hair from fly-away.
  • COCOAMIDOPROPYL BETAIN provides conditioning property to shampoo formulation.
  • This product is originated 100% from vegetable-based oil.
  • This product is of 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified.

Storage :

  • PACKING : 1 unit 20 FT Container :
  • Country Of Origin : Malaysia
  • Loading Port : Malaysia  
  • Packing:  200 Kg. net. X 80 New Steel Drum = 16 MT Per 20 FT Full Container Load.

In sealed original containers and kept at temperature not exceeding 50°C  as with all DEA amides, if overheating does occur amide ester will be formed To reverse the reaction CDE should be stored at room temperature ,failure to do so may result in formulation product with decreased foam and low viscosity.

Cocoamide Propyl Betaine is most widely used in personal and home care products as a foaming and cleaning agent.

Application Uses